• Soraya Padilla Lopategui - PhD Student


    Project: Development of blood interactive self-assembling systems

    Over the past years, self-assembling peptide amphiphiles (PAs) have emerged as leading candidates for tissue regeneration due to their molecular and structural versatility of design, which allows them to mimic specific aspects of the extracellular matrix and to support cell adhesion, proliferation and differentiation in vitro and in vivo. These short synthetic sequences can be designed to control and tailor specific properties such as bioactivity, porosity, stiffness, topography, elasticity, gelation time and degradation, which makes them suitable for different medical applications. My current project focuses on the study of the interactions of blood proteins with peptide amphiphiles to create materials with bioactive properties that can help tissue regeneration.


    (Co-supervised by Alvaro Mata, University of Nottingham)