Current Lab Members:
Jiajun Liu (Postdoc)
Holly Bachas-Brook (PhD Student)
Saba Qureshi (PhD Student)
Nivethitha Kota Lakshminaraasimulu (PhD Student)
Rachel Smyth (PhD Student)
Lorraine Couteau (PhD Student)
Former Lab Members:
Emilie Marhuenda 
PDRA (2019-2023), currently QMUL
Pamela Swiatlowska 
PDRA (2020-2023), currently Research Fellow at Imperial College London
Darren Wilson 
PhD student (2019-2023), currently King's College London 
Paolo Severi
visiting PhD student (2022)
Benedicte Fromager 
visiting PhD student (2022)
Soraya Lopategui
PhD student (2018-2022), now at Multus Biotechnology

Ioannis Xanthis 
PDRA (2019-2021), currently Lhasa Limited
Brian Sit
PhD student (2016-2020), currently HKUMed 
Will Hawkes
PhD student (2016-2019), currently Ultromics
Simona Zingaro 
Research Assistant (2016-2017), currently Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
Pragati Pandey 
Research Assistant (2015-2018), currently RxCelerate Ltd
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